Thursday, June 25, 2009


While trying to get the hook out of a fish's mouth Russell hooked himself this morning. I am so very proud of him....He didn't pass out! Thanks to Dr. Pierce we didn't have to wait for hours in the waiting room. He just took care of it in his office.

He had to cut off the hook from the lure. This picture shows a the broken off hook still in his thumb.

It's out!
I think Russell will be okay....Wyatt is taking care of him by kissing his "owie" quite frequently. I am so glad he can take such good care of his daddy! :)

I think being hook is a right of passage for fishermen. It happens if you do it enough I guess. Here is a picture from a couple weeks ago. Two of my favorite fishermen!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Smiles and melting hearts.

This is just half of the heart melting smile we have enjoyed seeing so much of the past few weeks. The whole really gets ya. He is such a little charmer.

What are you looking at? Let me guess, my hair??

Warren was dressed in overalls one day so Wyatt decided he wanted to to wear his too. the way. Wyatt is learning faces lately and this is what he calls his "dancing face".

My little rock star!

This pool is probably way to little for Wyatt, but he has been begging us to get it out and it entertains him for hours.

Doesn't Warren look funny without his poofy hair??

I don't know Wyatt has named this face yet, but it looks pretty mischievous to me!