Wednesday, May 20, 2009

For You Mommy ....For You!

For You Mommy...For You!

That's what Wyatt said as he carried these in to me today after running around with Russell this morning. I thought it was pretty sweet. It's been a pretty crazy week with caring for a 5 week old who has discovered being held is much better than laying or swinging alone and potty training the two year old. I feel like am very busy and never getter anything accomplished, other than loving and caring for two precious little guys oh yeah....and Russell too.

Russell said Wyatt picked these out.

Warren is now almost 6 weeks and is staying awake more and more. We have really got into the swing of things and developed a routine that seems to work well for both of us. He loves to look at you and study your face while you talked to him. Sometimes just holding him isn't enough....he wants to be talked to. He is really doing well holding his head up and obviously he is eating well as you can see.

These are from last night after his bath:

His hair is curly when it's wet....I love it.

Wanted a picture to document just how long his hair is....and I think it is still growing. Right now it is about 2 1/2 inches on top.

Wyatt really has become such a loving big brother....which honestly kinda surprises me. I really thought he would act a lot more jealous. He hasn't ever shown much jealousy over the time I spend nursing, changing, or bathing Warren. He always tries to comfort Warren when he cries saying...."I know...I know" or "It's okay's okay" or singing Jesus Loves Me. I hear him whisper stuff to him all the time....but not for sure what he is saying. He still loves to twirl Warren hair too. I am so thankful Wyatt has made this adjustment well.

Here is Wyatt and Jayden the little boy I have been keeping a couple hours everyday.

So....this is pretty much my week so far right here. I have probably spent half of my days looking at this very sight. We have gotten serious about potty training this week. We are not there yet...but making progress. This is the way he prefers to sit on the potty. I have no idea where he got this idea. Altough this method does get the job done, we are working on him sitting the proper way. :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Three Weeks

Happy Three Week Birthday Warren!
Here is our sweet little man at 3 weeks old.
Russell getting some Warren time.