Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wyatt's Fun Day!

Wyatt literally had a "hay day" today! We had a free morning this morning before the OU game so we decided to try and take Wyatt to a pumpkin patch. I had no idea what to expect and didn't know if it would even be fun for Wyatt. Well....turns out this is like a dream come true for an for a lover of outside, animals, and TRACTORS!

Wyatt started the adventure by picking out his own pumpkin to paint. It was a tough decision. Evidently the best way to pick a good pumpkin is to pick a few up and drop them to see which one is just right.
Wyatt and his pick.

Then he got to paint his pumpkin....and this is kinda a tough thing for a almost 2 yr Daddy helped. (I think Russell enjoyed painting the pumpkin more than Wyatt)

Then it was on the climb up the mountain of hay bails.

He made it with a little help from Daddy.

On top of the world!

The adventure included a face painting. I can't believe he sat still long enough to get one.

Next was the hayride...which was pulled by a tractor. If you know Wyatt very well....then you know he is pretty obsessed with tractors.
He is having a tractor birthday here a few weeks.

Nothing like ending the trip with petting a few cows.

This was a great day for Wyatt. Of course he did not want to leave and threw a pretty big fit, but we had to get home in time to see the OU game.

Tonight we will be chaperones on a trip to Dallas in a red charger limo. We just had a big Friend Day at church and had a drawing for a limo ride to Dallas. We had 760 people at our church that Sunday....which is great for us. Our youth ministry had about 90 in Sunday School and a few more came to church. So we had about 100 students at church that day and one was saved that was a great day.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Chocolate Milk!

This little incident actually happened about three weeks ago, but I just haven't had a chance to put it on here yet.
I was taking my shower and realized everything was just a little too quiet and I was not being bothered every 5 seconds by a very active almost 2 year old. So I decided I had better go and check on Wyatt and this is what I found.

When I found him sucking down this bottle of hershey's syrup I said,
"Wyatt...what are you doing?"
he simply replied,
"Mama...chocate milk"
He says chocolate soo cute, of course I couldn't hold back from laughing.
I just love the fact that he can now "help himself" to what he needs out of the fridge.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fall Festival Fun

Well it's been a few weeks, but we recently had our annual Hopkins County Fall Festival here in Sulphur Springs. It is a pretty big deal, just craziness actually. This is when the whole stew contest takes place. We spent pretty much all day out at the festival, our church was passing our free bottles of water from one of the stew sites. Oh and also, the stew contest champions this year are from our church and happened to be whose stew site we were passing water out from. They won it a couple of years ago too, yea it's pretty good.
It was a great weekend other than Wyatt running into this river/creek thing and
Russell running in after him leaving them both soaking wet. It wasn't very deep, but there was a pretty good little current and thank goodness Russell caught him.
After the stew contest we went and let Wyatt ride a couple of the little carnival rides they had there:

A little peek at the world champion of chicken stew.

Wyatt had a blast on this flying elephant???

Waving at Daddy
I have a picture of me and my mom just like this!

I think he was trying to put a move on the girl next to him.