Saturday, May 1, 2010

Our Family is growing...

By four feet!!! Russell is such a push over when it comes to dogs and evidently I didn't stand my ground very firm either. :)
Meet Boaz.
We went to visit some friends in Sulphur Springs friday night not knowing they had puppies, but were greeted by 7 cute little furry creatures. I can easily say no to Russell and I can easily say no to Wyatt, but man....when they team up on you and beg for this adorable little puppy, what can I say. I caved. Wyatt absolutely loves him and is sleeping with him in his bed with his daddy's permission. Of course they could not have picked out a girl dog, I am completely outnumbered.
Our friends live out with lots of land and have several dogs. They are not for sure what the daddy was. Glad we could give this puppy a home and hopefully a couple friends for life.

The Boy and Boaz enjoying some relax time watching cartoons together.

Puppy love.