Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Few New Pics

It is funny how much more I am able to enjoy Warren's as a newborn since I am not so nervous all the time. We are loving every minute of this sweet time.....I try and cuddle him up every minute that I can without making Wyatt too jealous.
Just can't get enough of this little guy!!

Warren sporting the "messy" hair.

Our youth band played at an outdoor youth rally in Sulphur Bluff so we all went to support them.

Warren is changing sooo fast. Here are a few of my most recent pictures of him.

Wyatt loves to play with Warren's hair. In this picture he was just laying there twirling his hair for like 20 minutes.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Brotherly Love

Russell's mom and dad came down for the week when we had Warren to help out with everything. It was great to have so much help with the cooking, cleaning, and Wyatt. Rick also took some great pictures for us. Here are a few he took when Warren was about 1 week old.

Wyatt absolutely loves his little brother. He is so very proud of him. He tells everyone, "I have a new baby brother". When Warren cries Wyatt says, "I know, I know" as he gently pats his head. He also wants to hold him quite often, which requires much supervision.

Warren is doing great. He is growing oh so fast. I will post some recent pics as soon as I get them loaded to the computer. These are from a week ago.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Warren Aidan

Yes...I know it is over a week late, but I've been pretty busy healing and adjusting to life with another little one to love.

My contractions started early Sunday morning but were pretty far apart. They were enough to keep me and Wyatt home from church on Easter though. We went into the hospital Sunday evening around 6 thinking my water may have ruptured. When they saw my blood pressure was pretty elevated my doctor wanted to speed things up. So he broke my water and started the oxytocin around 6:30. The contractions were coming on really strong after that. Got an epidural finally around 8:00 after three attempts. Around 9:30 I was fully dialated and sent the nurses running to get everything ready. After about 5 minutes of pushing we had our little Warren in our arms.

Warren Aidan Kirkpatrick
April 12, 2009
8 lbs. 6 oz
20 1/2 inches

Here are a few pictures of our new little man. I will try and not overload you with pictures, but I have a ton to post. I will be posting more later!

Warren shortly after his big entrance!

After being cleaned up a bit.

Me and my boys!

Wyatt meets Warren. Since Warren was born late in the evening, we decided not to bring Wyatt up to the hospital till the next morning. So here is there first meeting.

Too sweet.

First bath.

His first day at home.

Father Son Bonding

I just love this picture!!

Tons more to post.

It has almost been two weeks and we are getting pretty adjusted. Wyatt had a pretty rough first week, but this past week has been much better. He absolutely loves Warren, so much he wants to squeeze him REALLY we have to make sure he is gentle. Warren is a great baby so far, I couldn't ask for more. We are so thankful for two healthy boys!

Friday, April 3, 2009


We are still here awaiting the arrival of the newest addition to our family. For the last several weeks the doctor had thought the baby was in a breech position so he scheduled an ultrasound for this week's visit to confirm the baby's position and make decisions. Of course there is a good chance we would have had to have a cesarean if the baby didn't flip. So we prayed all week that the little guy would just get in the right position and he did just that! Today's ultrasound showed he is head down in the right position. Of course that is a relief for us......we would really rather avoid a cesarean if possible. Anyways, we are so thankful for this answered prayer. Our doctor says he shouldn't move anymore now. Everything else looks good...he measures about 7lbs 5 oz. right now. Oh...and I wasn't for sure it was a boy up until today. We got a "good" look at that area today in the ultrasound and is for sure a boy! Also we have decided on a name, Warren Aidan Kirkpatrick. Can't wait to meet the little guy!