Sunday, June 29, 2008

Jr. High Church Camp

We spent this last week in Chester, TX (close to Lufkin, TX) at Camp Takula. We only take our students that are going into 7th and 8th grades to this camp. We took 15 students and could not have asked for a better group. Lots of laughing, lots of pranks, lots of water games, lots of scripture memorizing, lots of worshiping, and lots of preaching, and lots of prayer. I think that pretty much sums up the week.
One thing I love about camp is just getting to know each one of the kids on a personal level. I have really enjoyed this group of kids...they are precious!


Here are a few pictures of our week!
Russell and a couple of our boys.

A few of our girls waiting in line for dinner.

Yea. We were the leaders of the red team....and Russell was pretty into it.

I love this game.

Russell and Justus. On Tuesday Justus was saved. Yeah!

Me and one of my girls.

I just love this kid!! I didn't know him at all before camp....he is so sweet.

Ha.Ha. We finally got him. He was pranking on us all week. Revenge is sweet!

We had lots of fun this week, but the week is not about all the fun we had. This week would be pointless if these kids were not being challenged from God's word. We had a great speaker this year, Sean Sears. It is simply about these students getting away from everyday life for a week and focusing on their relationship with God.

It been a while!

It has been a while since I have made any posts, but things have just been pretty crazy. It is summer and of course that just means busy times for youth ministry. It is camp season and we have been very busy trying to get all these kids to camp. Many kids are not able to pay for their camp and we try our best to find a way for every student to go that wants to. So we have been doing a lot of yard work, painting, and cleaning. It is a lot of work....but is totally worth it for those students to get to go to camp. We just returned from Jr. High camp this last week and will post more about that later with some pictures.
Wyatt spent the week with the Grandparents in Oklahoma. He spent the weekend with my dad and the week with Russell's parents and all of his cousins.
After we dropped Wyatt off last weekend Russell and I had some alone time which was great, we even got to go fishing together. I have gone before, but have always had Wyatt, so this time I actually got to fish. We only caught a couple of fish, but had a great time. It is just good to have some alone time sometimes.