Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Eighteen Months.

Today Warren is 18 months old. It is so weird because it feels as if he has been part of our family forever, but when I look at these sweet pictures of him as a baby it seems like it was just last week or something.

So much has gone on in our lives since he was born I think his development and growth has just snuck up on me.

A few days old.

18 months old.
So he is in the cheeeeeese mode of smiling anytime you put anything that remotely looks like a camera in his face. Sure makes for some funny pictures such as this one.

My little man. What a ball of energy he is.
I love this little guy. He is a handful right now, but he is so sweet at the same time. Of course he gets into EVERYTHING, but man he gives hugs and kisses so freely. The boy loves to cuddle. On tuesdays Wyatt goes to school and I get to spend the day with just Warren. It is really great to be able to hear Warren talk more and spend some one on one time with him.
The two things Warren loves most, balls and shoes. I really think he loves shoes because it is usually followed by going outside. He is a smart guy. 'If I can get mom to put my shoes on we can go outside.' He also loves balls any kind, but preferably a football.
There is a lot of wrestling that goes on at our house these days and has been for that matter since Wyatt was this age.

Warren has had a few battles with ear issues and allergies, but we are so thankful that God has blessed us with two healthy boys.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Well....my blog has been ignored for a while now. I just have not had time to mess with updating. So much I need to update, but for now just couple little clips of our little guy playing his first season of soccer. This was his second game from this past Saturday and I am still figuring out how to share video.

You also might want to make sure you sound is turned down a little before playing this....Russell gets a little loud. : )