Sunday, June 13, 2010

Museum of Living Art

Museum of Living Art is the Theme right now for the Fort Worth Zoo and I think it is great. Love going to the zoo and being reminded of just how creative our God is.

The boys of course just loved the zoo. Wyatt really learned alot this trip. He is really loving to learn what different animals eat. Warren was pretty into it too. He just kept pointing and saying "da" which is his way of saying dog.
They had Gorilla's! We loved watching the Gorillas, I had never saw one in a zoo before.

The beautiful Giraffes.

Now to my cute little monkeys!

Wyatt getting to touch a snake. Don't worry we I brought the germ-x and we used it quite often.

Warren spotting the brown bear and calling it a dog.

Wyatt being goofy.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Camping and Fishing

I am a little behind on posting stuff. We have just been pretty busy.
We took the boys out camping for the first time on Memorial Day weekend and had a great time. I remember spending many vacations this way growing up and just loving it. I didn't really remember to take alot of pictures, I was pretty busy just trying to keep Warren from eating something that might hurt him :). Pretty sure he ate quite a bit of dirt on this trip though.

As you can see Warren just loved this little adventure because we were OUTSIDE! He truly is a happy camper when he is outside.

Our little campground.

While we were camping Wyatt's little body decided to alert us that he was allergic to something. We had noticed he was itching on Thursday and tried to treat him with Benedryl, but woke up Friday morning to a really bad rash all over and he was still itching real bad. We opted to run into Sulphur Springs and see our Doctor friend that practices there. Thank goodness he worked us in. A steriod shot and some meds to take with us took care of it all.
We are pretty sure it was a reaction to strawberries.

These pictures are actually from earlier the week before. We took both the boys out and all went fishing. We just happened upon some fish and were catching them like crazy. The boys were soooo good. Wyatt just fished and fished. Warren was content as long as there were Cherrios in his bowl. We caught a ton of fish. I think we ended up with 23 Hybrids. Big ones too!
Russell helping Wyatt reel in a big one.

Wyatt working the Spiderman rod!