Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Big Catch

After returning from our weekend without Wyatt we still had some daylight left on Saturday so we took him over to another church member's pond to fish. Of course Wyatt fell in the pond once and threw his fishing rod in a number of times, but he had a blast. Russell was still able to catch a pretty nice little bass. Here is Wyatt kissing the bass! He makes his Daddy very proud. Of course this kinda grosses me out so, don't worry I was washing his hands and face right after this picture. Look at our dog Boo in the corner....he really wants a kiss too!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Birthday Weekend

I had my 26th birthday last week and Russell and I were able to enjoy a weekend in Dallas without little man (Wyatt). Russell had made arrangements with a super sweet family in our church to keep Wyatt overnight on Friday so we could spend a couple days in Dallas. I feel like I am always having to ask for help with Wyatt for youth events, doctors appts, funerals, etc. So I am not very good at asking for people to watch Wyatt just for an evening last weekend was a treat for us. We enjoyed dinner at a REAL restaurant and actually got to talk without wrestling a toddler. We went shopping....just for fun no strollers, snacks, or diaper bags. Our camera recently died, so Russell took me to pick out a new camera. We also got Wyatt some furniture for his new room except a bed, which Russell's dad is building for us. It is amazing how much more you can get done with a toddler in tow. So thank you to the West's for keeping our little man last weekend. For a few pictures of Wyatt's weekend at the West's check out Terri's blog on my sidebar! I should be back to posting a little more frequently since I have a new camera!!

As much as I needed the break from this little face, I sure was glad to see it when we got back!