Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Story Time with Daddy

We have always had a nightly routine that we have done every night since Wyatt was just a few months old. Russell is really big on Wyatt learning to read well, so we've added reading to our night time routine. He NEVER forgets about it either, sometimes if it is late I will try to sneak out of the room without a story, and of course he cries "Booooook" over and over until we read a story. He has become quite the Daddy's boy and would always rather Daddy read the story if he is home.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wyatt...officially a big boy.

This morning I heard the back door open and came to figure out that Wyatt had decided to let himself outside to play. He was in a t-shirt, a sopping wet diaper, and of course no shoes. I decided to just go with it. I decided to let him try out the big boy swing since it has been a while since we tried it. Last time I tried it things didn't go so well....he decided to let go and I barely caught him. That was like 6 months ago though so I think we're good now. Anyways, he can do it now, I just gotta watch him like a hawk. We took a few pictures this morning:

Church Camp

LiFT 20008
Central Baptist Church
LeTournea Univeristy
Longview, TX

So Sr. High Camp was pretty awesome. We took a group of 46 students plus 7 adults. God was definately at work in our lives. Our kids just grew closer together as a youth group and more importantly they grew closer to God. We had 7 students accept Jesus as their Savior, several students rededicated their lives, and a few surrendered to full-time ministry.
There was very little drama .....matter of fact....I can't even think of any at all. It was just a great week at camp with a great group of teenagers.

Our guys being manly I guess.

Our girls being as beautiful as ever. Notice the shirts....yea I know they are cute aren't they. Yea....that was a little more work than I anticipated. We had 30 girls going and I thought it would be fun to hand make shirts for camp. You can't tell from the picture, but they have letters ironed on the front and back. They loved them and it was totally worth it, plus we had fun making them. These are our girls and they are precious!


This is during God and I time...a devotional time for the kids.

I just loved seeing our kids come together and praying together.

Pictures with Monkey

For mother's day my mother in law gave me this adorable little monkey picture frame. In case you didn't know....I love monkeys and have done Wyatt room in Safari...mainly monkey's though. Wyatt has become attached to his stuffed monkey whom he calls "key". He also is very attached to a stuffed bear he simply calls "bear".

Spaghetti Anyone?

This was from Sunday's lunch, we are trying to let Wyatt learn to feed himself. Too often I end up feeding him myself so I don't have to clean up the mess. So here is what happens when I let him do it, but he's gotta learn right? Any suggestions or this the only way??


Well...the last two months seems to have just flown by. Things have just been crazy busy. I think things are finally starting to slow down a bit now that all our camps are over. So I am a little behind on my posts. I know...I need to get in gear huh! Well I am gonna try to do a little catch up.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Year Five.

Russell and I have recently celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. It has been five amazing years. Here is something I gave Russell for our anniversary this year....I thought I would share it for you to read as well. It is just a little jog down memory lane of our marriage.

Five Years of Marriage
1st year: So young, so fresh. Love. First place together, apartment 107 B. College. Work@Mardels. Work @ the bank. Learning to cook. Shooting your bow off our apartment patio. Spontaneous trips. Sweet memories.

2nd year: First ministry job. Life in the church parsonage. College still. Long drives to Springfield everyday. First dog—sweet Boo. Love. Playing ball in the yard beside the parsonage. Lake of the Ozarks. Life lessons.

3rd Year: Hurts. Clinging to each other in midst of trials. Growth. Love. Support of family. Finding our we’re pregnant…(how did that happen?) Learning to trust God completely. Seeing God’s plan is better than our own. Learning what love is.

4th Year: New Job. New Town. New Church. New friends. Purchased our first home. Healing. Love. Birth of our first son. Falling in love on a whole new level through becoming parents.

5th Year: Ministry growth. Investing our lives in our students. Developing deeper relationships with students. Going fishing. "You’re gonna miss this.” Love. Wrestling with Wyatt. Love. Seeing life in a whole new way...through the eyes of a child.