Thursday, March 5, 2009

That's My Boy!

"That's my boy!" has become a frequently used phrase around our house since it is just the cutest thing to hear Wyatt say. There are so many things he has just picked up on and has started saying that are just too cute. He will call me "sweetheart" if there is something he is wanting. That just started this week. Not just any "sweetheart" it is the softest sweetest sounding way of saying he knows how to work you. He is a very busy little boy, always getting into something. I have to try and keep his attention focused on doing something or else he will find something to do....which usually results in me cleaning up a mess or someone getting hurt. Here a few pictures of the last few weeks:

I hope no one is offended by these....but everything is covered up. One night we had done all the wrestling we could take, so this is how we diverted his attention. This kid loves to be naked.....we can't keep clothes on him!

One night some Bull riding rodeo was on TV and Wyatt decided to pretend he was riding too. He saw they all had on cowboy hats and asked to wear his.