Sunday, June 13, 2010

Museum of Living Art

Museum of Living Art is the Theme right now for the Fort Worth Zoo and I think it is great. Love going to the zoo and being reminded of just how creative our God is.

The boys of course just loved the zoo. Wyatt really learned alot this trip. He is really loving to learn what different animals eat. Warren was pretty into it too. He just kept pointing and saying "da" which is his way of saying dog.
They had Gorilla's! We loved watching the Gorillas, I had never saw one in a zoo before.

The beautiful Giraffes.

Now to my cute little monkeys!

Wyatt getting to touch a snake. Don't worry we I brought the germ-x and we used it quite often.

Warren spotting the brown bear and calling it a dog.

Wyatt being goofy.


Pambo said...

Love the zoo. Love your boys. Love your cute husband. Love you. That photo of you and the boys is really good. Russell is a very blessed man.

Happy Trails said...

What a cute and precious family. Warren is changing so much. STOP HIM! I cannot wait to get my hands on those two sweet boys.

Ashlee G. Osborn said...

Marilyn showed me that cute video of Wyatt in his "red-neck waterpark." I thought it was a good setup. He looked like he was having a blast. Warren is growing up so fast! Seems like he was just born yesterday.